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I've often considered moving downtown and I think this is a fabulous idea for a blog and am looking forward to reading about your experiences.

Hi Nicole -

Thank you very much for your comment. Where do you live now? And why are you debating moving downtown?

Thanks for following the blog. Many more adventures to come.


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  • "Nancy, your posts are just a blast. Keep it up!"

    - Chris Erskine, Columnist Man of the House, Los Angeles Times

    "Love you and your wonderful stories. You make Downtown come alive with a new yet totally understandable voice.

    - Christian Martinez, DTLAL Magazine

    "You pin point living in downtown to a tee, and it's very refreshing."

    - Shel Bourdon - CASA Downtown

    "Ha Ha Ha! Oooooh Nancy! I just love these stories!!!"

    - Calle Morgan, Actress

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