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Linda Jay Geldens

Nancy, You are not a voyeur, you are a writer -- absolutely, so don't worry about your curiosity about your neighbors! I too live in a situation that reminds me of the movie Rear Window -- I can look right across the courtyard to three apartments, and I know exactly what's going on in each. But I'm a writer...so it's OK.


Yes, I am a writer. And my curiosity could fill a whole loft full of Rear Window stories. I had forgotten about that movie, but you're right Linda. That's my life and I'm sticking to it! Nancy

Vicky DeCoster

I too thought of "Rear Window" when I read this post. Reminds me of last week when my husband and I took a walk and I accidentally looked in a neighbor's window as we sauntered past. I whispered to my husband, "I think I just saw Frank in his underwear!" and my husband replied, "Avert your eyes for goodness sake!" Let us know if you ever see anything illegal going on, Nancy, but in the meantime, better keep dressing behind your bed because you never know who might be walking by (like me)!


I will definitely keep you posted on the "movies" that I see down here. My neighbors have already told me some whoopers of what's happened to them. Seems like so far, I've gotten off easy. Nancy


one word: binoculars. :)

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