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Linda Jay Geldens

Hi, Nancy, A bird in a gilded cage, eh? This is a fascinating story, the supposed Chinese/Jewish connection and all. I'm just wondering...maybe there's a "healer" out there who specializes in effective "nightly sleep vibes" -- or, what about something extremely practical, like double-pane windows to keep the "downtown" noise out of your loft?


Hi Linda - We have double pane windows, about 2 inches thick. The noise here is just deafening, and what is also hard is that every night I keep on anticipating it. It's like waiting for the ax to fall. But, I too, like the Chinese/Jewish connection. Funny, my mother, who does not have a spiritual bone in her body - said to me once - "You must have been Chinese in a past life." Because I have always like to wear Chinese style clothes. Nancy

Lynne Farr

Hi Nancy! Get a fan and put it near your bed and let it make white noise all night. A tape loop of white noise or background music can also work. On big booming party nights with DJs in our old loft I used to sleep in our laundry room with water running in the sink after coming home from the party. I also added a pair of earplugs.
Meanwhile, my husband slept like a baby through everything! Lynne Farr


Thank you Lynne! These are great ideas. I will get a fan. I don't know about the music, but the fan sounds good. Also, the running water sounds good, too! Nancy

Betty Goldstein

Dear Chinese lady in a Jewish woman's body:
Your succinct essay is brilliant. Your characters and imagery are so vivid that I thought I detected the scent of eucalyptus oil. Bravissima!

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