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Suzanne Arruda

I can just see you all going to her rescue. Everyone armed with a squeeze ketchup or mustard bottle. Maybe a hot sauce. "Aim for the eyes!" you shout. Someone lays a groundfire of gherkins so he slips as he tries to chase the woman. A barrage of croutons pelt him.
Fantastic scene. Thanks


Best story yet. I was at Big Lots the other day and nothing cool like that happened. But I was shocked you could buy a nice windbreaker there for under 10 bucks!!! Cheers to Big Lots! And to this lady!

Vicky DeCoster

I'm going to eat some chips tonight in celebration of the Big Lots star! Another great post, Nancy!

Chayah Masters

Too funny! Great post Nancy! Thanks for the chuckle.


I'd like to thank all the women of America - my friend from Kansas - Suzanne. Vicky - from Nebraska. Nalini - from Los Angeles. And Chayah from Arizona.

We're all rooting this woman on. Nancy

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