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Naila Francis

I think I'd take a pinata over an awning every day, which is what someone once compared me to when I wore a particularly colorful sweater to work one day... Good luck with your search. I myself will be moving in March to a condo that I adore so I'm sending some of that fabulous-new-place juju your way!

Suzanne Arruda

Perhaps his loft will suddenly be riddled with termites, making him instantly regret ever forcing you out.
The place was great because YOU were there to make it great. You will take your awesomeness with you (don't pack it with the cleansers - bad chemical reaction there) and hence, your next place will be great as well.



Hi Naila and Suzanne - Your comments are just about as funny as my pinata "compliment." No one has ever called me an awning and the thought of wishing my landlord termites....well.

Thanks for your good wishes. Onward and upward. Nancy

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