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Susan Roth

I've moved several times in my life, being born into a Navy family in California, and making several pit stops in College and my early career before settling in the Northeast. I've always found the next store moves the hardest because I am tempted not to pack much of anything, thinking that I can just simply carry my belongings to the next destination. I rethink this position after about the 50 millionth trip back and forth, only to forget it again before the next move. Good luck with yours, and remember packing is not fun, but opening boxes can be fun if you pretend they are presents. That is my main excuse for delaying unpacking...creating a rush of joy when I finally unpack something that I really needed or missed!


Hi Susan - You hit the nail right on the head. Yep, because I am moving so close (well, at least I think I'm moving), things are more frazzled than normal. So good to hear from you. I miss talking with you. Nancy

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