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Hi, Nancy,

I couldn't relate more. We also live downtown -- and as New Yorkers transplanted to LA -- we love it. Downtown makes us feel like we're home. And the Brewery, where we live, looks like Long Island City Queens or early Williamsburg, where the artists settled before the hipsters moved in. But we too are leaving Downtown. Recent reports of air quality -- we are directly next to the 5 freeway -- have us worried about our lungs and our future family-making endeavors. I think we both -- you and me -- have to have some faith here. I do trust there's a reason. And as sad as I'll be to leave this new home, I am curious about where I'll land and what the geography will open up for me. Keep the faith!!


Hummmmm. Shit girl.
I'm so sorry for all your going through. It's so, so draining. Chin up!
I don't know you personally, but I know your going to land on your feet. your friends & family help you. They will & "You" will come through this ok.

Lori... :-)

La Linda Estrada

You're a winner Nancy and always will be! You've inspired me beyond measure, you're a beautiful lady with classy taste, and adventurous (so you gotta expect the unexpected). Something good will come of this and you will be laughing hysterically about it all and have us all with smiles in our faces and belly's. There is someplace else for you to explore, I noticed the new series is lofts outside the downtown area, maybe that will be your new home? I look forward to the new downtown series and seeing you again very soon! I wonder what surprises are in store? Only your wild vivid imagination knows.


Ditto on everything else said already. I guess now is the part where you just have to put your faith in knowing that things WILL work out.

I know I've recommended it before but you've been adverse because it's not a loft, but I really love Metro 417. (most of) The people there are really lovely. And the building is spectacular. But I'm not sure if your doctor is telling you to move out of DTLA completely? Well...you gotta do what you gotta do.

Hang in there! George and I are sending you good waves.


Hi One and All -

I am NOT ALLERGIC to downtown. There were specific health things in that loft that were affecting me personally. I had very bad physical reactions there. When I lived in my other loft - I never had these reactions.

So, from start to finish this new loft was a real ride of stress and unbelievable endurance. In my other life, I am "The Spirited Woman."

Had to be a test. Nancy

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