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Vicky DeCoster

Nancy, your photo and story made me miss all the wonderful creative people who make Los Angeles such a great place to live. From a humorist to a comedian, Sara, you must NOT give up! We need you even more now than ever before, so thank you for the talent you share with the world and keep us laughing ... no matter what!

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  • "Nancy, your posts are just a blast. Keep it up!"

    - Chris Erskine, Columnist Man of the House, Los Angeles Times

    "Love you and your wonderful stories. You make Downtown come alive with a new yet totally understandable voice.

    - Christian Martinez, DTLAL Magazine

    "You pin point living in downtown to a tee, and it's very refreshing."

    - Shel Bourdon - CASA Downtown

    "Ha Ha Ha! Oooooh Nancy! I just love these stories!!!"

    - Calle Morgan, Actress

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